How to create a first blog in WordPress?

Of course, WordPress is a rich blog, there are many options available…

But I’d bet you’re in a hurry to create your first blog, right ?

Ok then… Let’s create a quick blog.

How about the previous tutorial How to create a userid in WordPress ?

Click on Posts


Then click on the Add New button.


At this level we can add a title and also some text but also images using the Add Media button.

For this first tutorial I need 5 images I’m going to upload right now.

Let’s click on Add Media and see what happens…


First of all, something I thought a bit strange in WordPress is you can see images uploaded by other users. I’m actually trying to figure out in support forums whether this is normal and if it is possible to limit the display only to your images ‘cause I find this a bit confusing.

Our list of a available image is currently empty so we’re going to upload some…

On Insert Media, click on Select Files.


As we can see here, my newly added images are selected (I’ve added 5 images) while I can see the other images I’ve previously added with other accounts.


At this point I got out of this using the X at the top right corner…

What I usually do is first fill the title and the text and then save Draft (see the right column)… and then after I add the images. Of course you can do it the was you prefer.

Here is the screen I got after adding the title and text content and save the whole as draft :


Of course, in order to add images you click on Add Media and select the image you’ve previously uploaded. Despite the fact you see other people’s images, the good news are you can limit the view to those Uploaded to this post:


Select the one you need and used the blue button Insert into your post.


The rest is the same : position your cursor to where you want to add the image and add the media until you get the expected result. Maybe it is a good idea to Save Draft from time to time also.


Once everything is done and ready to be published, just click on the Publish blue button on the right column.

Before you logoff, pay a special attention to the Permalink.

If this example, the screen show :


This is the direct link that must be used to uniquely reference your blog.

In the next tutorial, I will explain you how to export your blog so you can import it on other blogs based on WordPress (I don’t want you to feel like a prisoner on this site ;) )

How to create a userid in WordPress?

The first thing to do is of course to create userid.

When you access to the WordPress blog at for the first time, you will see the last published blogs.

Never mind, all you have to search for is on the right column :


Click on Register and choose a userid and the email address it will be linked with


After you’ve filled the form and clicked on the Register button, it is time to go to your mailbox; an email containing your password has been send. If you don’t find it quickly, do not forget to check your spam / junk mail basket.


Just follow the link mentioned in the email you’ve received and log in using the username you’ve chosen and the password that the system has generated.

That’s it : you’re in !


Maybe one first thing you’d like to do once being registered in WordPress is change your password…In order to do this, click on Profile and go at the bottom of the returned page.


Type your new password twice and click Update Profile.

To log out, just select the “Howdy, your_nickname” menu at the upper right part of your screen and choose the log out option